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What The Heck Is The Million Pixel Videos Project? www.millionpixelvideos.com

Can I sell one million pixels to help others promote their cause FOR LIFE and at the samtoughest engineering majors need paper writtene time change my family’s future?  That’s the question I’ve set out to answer. Hi, my name is Scott Turkington and I am a self employed freelance graphic/web/video designer by day and a husband and father to my beautiful wife and 2 year old daughter by night.  I’ve always loved telling stories and over the last decade or so, video seems to be the medium I am most passionate about. As many of you know however, getting your video discovered can be nearly impossible with millions of new videos posted to the internet every single day.  It’s from this frustration and my passion for film and videos that the inspiration for this project was born.  Each owner of the pixel spaces that are available will be able to share a video of their choice with the world.  If the site can grow steam and go viral, we could soon see the entire page filled with an incredibly diverse and interesting collection of videos that will be ttoughest engineering majors need paper writtenere FOR LIFE!  If this happens, we’ll hopefully get countless curious visitors going to the site to discover all of your videos.  I hope you’re as eager as I am to see the vast collection of stories that will be featured on the website.  I’ve come up with a unique, fun and dynamic layout for your pixel spaces that I think will keep visitors to the site engaged.  I hope you’ll continue reading and visit the website here to view a few sample videos that showcase the pixel spaces in action!

The Idea

The entire idea was inspired by the wildly successful and viral hit, “Million Dollar Home Page” project by Alex Tew (www.milliondollarhomepage.com) which made him a millionaire overnight.  The site was a viral hit before social networking even existed!  I wanted to see if I could also change my family’s future forever by taking this idea but giving it a modern twist!�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Instead of a boring static image that just sits there linked to an external URL, I thought I’d take my love for videos and make your pixel spaces more unique and interactive.  Each pixel space will showcase a video of your choice to represent you or your brand.  Think of it as a video time capsule in a sense, since it will be there FOR LIFE!  I think a video is a much more powerful tool to promote a cause or message than a simple image.

The Layout

I thought it would be more interesting to create a wide screen layout where users can scroll right or left as opposed to up and down.  What better way to represent this than with a VERY wide screen movie theater layout!  Users will be able to sit back and enjoy the incredible collection of videos that will be featured on the website!

Home Page Screen Shot Wide

Each video pixel space will have a custom thumbnail image.

Home Page Screen Shot


When your video pixel space is hovered over, a nice popup appears showing the featured image in greater detail and the title of your video.

Home Page Screen Shot Hover

Once your video is clicked, it loads in a popup that shadows out all the other pixel spaces and focuses the viewers attention on your video.
Home Page Screen Shot With Video

I’m excited to see the incredible diversity of videos that might be shared.  My hope is that we’ll see funny videos, heart warming videos, videos promoting an innovative product or idea etc. etc. and we won’t be able to stop clicking to find out what we might see next!



Be sure to visit the website here to see some
example pixel spaces in action and to compare their sizes in real time.



Some Of The Benefits

  1. You will own your space FOR LIFE!
  2. In addition to your video being featured on the home page, each level of ad space will get a mention on the sponsors page mentioning you, your brand or cause with a link to the website, blog, social media link or URL of your choice.  The links will be displayed, largest space contributes first to smallest last.
  3. We will maintain the website, hosting and maintenance FOR LIFE!
  4. Pixel Spaces will be added in the order they’re received and placed as nearest to the center of the page as it can be, alternating sides until a given pixel space size is filled up.
  5. While this indiegogo campaign is live, if you purchase a pixel space, we will add your video to the homage page.  The larger the pixel space you purchased and the sooner you purchase it, the closer to the center of the page you will be and the more exposure you’ll get as well.
  6. We will also post each new video submission to our Facebook and twitter pages so our followers will get notified as each new video is added to the website.

Unique Challenges

The website is built, however, there are additional features we’d like to roll out if we can get all the ad spaces reserved.  The most notable feature would be a fully automated system that will allow the users the ability to update their space in the future.  We have the core functionality of this already in place and if all spaces are reserved, it’s our goal to complete this last bit of the website.  Obviously none of this will be at an additional cost to you.  You will own your space once purchased and IF any updates are made or new features rolled out to streamline the website in the future, this will be at no additional cost to you.


I Bought A Pixel Space, What’s Next?

Once you’ve reserved your space, we will send you a link to a form on our website where you can submit your title, description, video URL, thumbnail image and popup image and you’re done!  Submissions will be reviewed to insure they meet our terms and conditions and once approved, we will add your information to your space within 24-48 hours.



We want the videos on the website to be amazing and enjoyed by all so we have a Terms and Conditions page which can be found here.  All submitted videos must follow these guidelines.  Rest assured you or your brand will be on a viewer friendly website.



Want to share your movie trailer, promotional video, wedding proposal, music video, hilarious outtake, etc. etc. but don’t have the video yet?  NO PROBLEM, reserve your space today and post it later when you’ve got one!


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